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Rock Salt 岩盐

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Himalayan Rock Salt is traditional iodized salt. The mineral is on the form of sodium chloride which are millions of years old and free from any toxins or impurities. Himalayan Rock Salt increases the tastiness of dishes.Mix some Himalayan Rock Salt with warm water to gargle will help to whiten teeth and relieve sore throat. Himalayan Rock Salt can be used during bathing to help relax muscle, stimulate sleep, lower blood pressure & detoxify body.

喜马拉雅山岩盐是一种传统碘盐. 它含有的氯化钠是一种亿年前已存在和无杂质的矿物质.喜马拉雅山岩盐可以增加菜肴的美味程度. 以喜马拉雅山岩盐漱口则可以美白牙齿及缓和喉炎.在沐浴时加入喜马拉雅山岩盐可以舒缓肌肉,促进睡眠,降低血压和排毒.

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